The Company - ORGONO Recovery Nutrition


ORGONO Recovery Nutrition, a company specialized in Sport Recovery Supplements, was founded in 2009 specializing in the production and distribution of dietary supplements and natural cosmetics adjusted to Athletes after obtaining optimum results in joint problems among all level of athletes using Dr. Loïc Le Ribault's formula. The company is headquartered in Tarragona, and is a department of the Silicium Group of Companies.

ORGONO Recovery Nutrition

 ¨We wanted to extrapolate our excellent results to the world of sports,
taking into consideration the nutritional needs of a professional athlete¨.

The company launched a specific examination noting for years the remarkable recuperation in Joint Injuries cases due to the nutritional synergy supplied by Dr. Le Ribault’s organic silica. Its main objective was to improve the efficiency of the active molecules by means of combining them with other substances considered efficient in the sports field: the ORGONO formula improves the results in the world of sports by adding L-Glycine (a basic amino acid) to the ORIGINAL formula.


We follow the philosophy and norms of the Alternative Medicine, conceiving a holistic form of treatment. Our philosophy is part of the Bio-Regulatory Medicine and Homotoxicology, fields of medicine that believe in the quality of the organism to regenerate and recuperate itself. They postulate that the disorders originate through a continuous and prolonged accumulation of toxins and heavy metals, endogenously or exogenously, above the body’s capacity of elimination. Acidification, malnutrition caused by poor diets, the lack of sufficient oxygenation and the state of mind play a vital role in the apparition of homeostatic imbalance. It can be called a connection between conventional and alternative medicine.


  • Passion: we are passionate about our labour in the recuperation of athletes and we take all the possible steps to advise our clients in the best way, realizing a counseling role in order to create a link between the person who gives us confidence and ourselves.

  • Honesty: we don’t take advantage of tendencies or passing fads to obtain profit creating false expectations. We investigate and launch ingredients, the results of which were proved in specific fields with remarkable results.

  • Quality: the Investigation and Pursuit of Excellence are a reflection of our rigorous professional labour, providing optimal alternatives that improve the vital quality in the world of sports. In the stage of development of our products, we relate excellence in this field within us, in order to combine our philosophy and values in the same product.

  • Compliance: it is our commitment to provide the best service within our reach from the moment when the client contacts us until he receives the order. We resolve incidents as quickly as possible without doubting the client’s honesty.

  • Safety: the ORGONO products combine exclusively natural ingredients, which are not harmful or injurious to the body.



  • Our Mission is to promote the investigation and production of Dietary Supplements and Alternative Therapies for professional athletes, amateurs and professionals from the health field which are more and more strict, complaining for efficient solutions for the joint and muscular long term regeneration and recuperation, which would improve the performance in the sport practice at any age or professional level. We firmly ensure the regeneration and prevention.

  • Our Vision is to extend the natural medicine in the field of physical activity and provide the products and therapies which can suite the most discerning public. Our objective is the R+D+I scientific activity, with an important reinvestment in scientific and clinical studies, creating specialized and unique products with a high added value.

ORGONO Recovery Nutrition

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