Mireia Sosa

mireia sosa
In retrospect, in over a year I've been enduring tendinitis in the Achilles tendon ago. The desire to train did not cease and made this injury worse and in November I was diagnosed early tendinosisThe problems affecting my tendon of Achilles have diminished a lot and the pain has disappeared. I’m still taking ORGONO Sports Recovery and applying the Recovery Cream for prevention. The conclusion I draw from these months is that the turning point of my injury coincides at the time I started taking ORGONO. I always remember because it was the Sunday before the Barcelona Marathon.

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The inflection point of my injury started when I started taking ORGONO Sports Recovery. I will always remember it; it was the Sunday before the Barcelona Marathon. That week I took an ultra-intensive intake of 30 ml of ORGONO Sports Recovery three times a day as well as applying ORGONO Gel in a compress during all night. My tendon of Achilles tendon didn’t bother me a bit during the 42 km race, even more incredible taking into account that I had run another marathon two months earlier! At present I am still using both, the ORGONO Sports Recovery and and the Recovery Cream for prevention. The problem has diminished a lot and the pain has disappeared. That week I took daily 30 ml of Sports Recovery three times / day and I apply ORGONO Gel, also three times / day. I commented at the time that the Achilles tendon did not bother me all along the 42 kms. And that already had another marathon leg (MCD) two months apart !!!


As of today using silicon continuously both orally and as gel the tendon inflammation has decreased greatly and the pain is gone.


I apply the ORGONO Gel three times / day, massaging the tendon area. The days training is more demanding or if competing, I apply much gel in the tendon and make myself a compress with plastic cling wrap to absorb the gel for longer duration to prevent rapid drying and have more noticeable its effects.


I consume 15 ml of liquid silicon three times / day I take before meals, ORGONO Sports Recovery Supplement and so on.


Finally, encourage every athlete who is suffering my injury, proving ORGONO Silicon. All who I have recommended state they are very satisfied with their results.


Although this season I could not train continuously and as I wanted to, I can not fault any of the results: 

  • Champion of Catalonia Marathon in MCD. 
  • Winner in the 10 km de Balaguer. 
  • Winner of the Half Marathon of Cambrils. 
  • Winner in the 10 km of the race solidarity of the URV and the 5K with my team mate Enric Sabate club.
  • Winner in the 10 km of Balafia. 
  • Winner of the 5 kms Tom tom Night Series Running in Cambrils. 
  • Team silver medal at the World Half Marathon W35 in Lyon (France).

An article by Mireia Sosa, Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport.