Regeneration, Prevention and Reinforcement Protocol of the Osteo – Articular and Muscular System - MASSAGE

ORGONO Recovery Cream was developed to enhance the physical state before and after workouts. It is recommended after muscle strength and aerobic exercises to increase muscle oxygenation, retrieve overload and avoid over-training. It stimulates peripheral microcirculation. It contains essential oils and has a thermo-active effect.

It is a Natural Product created by top athletes and physio-bodybuilders looking to increase their physical strength, endurance, efficiency and accelerate the recovery process following workouts. Hot-cold effect cream with a fast acting capacity. Helps maintain adequate blood flow, Accelerate Muscular and Osteo - Articular Regeneration Process.




Pre, Intra and Post Workout

It effectively prepares the muscular system through its vasodilatory ingredients that make direct muscle oxygenation better while increasing the peripheral microcirculation. Reduces the risk of injury while maintaining an optimum temperature of muscle fibers.


  • Active Muscles.
  • Strength, Resistance & Performance.
  • Pain & Swelling.




After anaerobic and aerobic workouts. Accelerates muscle recovery and avoids over-training . It produces a relaxing effect of venous remodeling and muscle relief.

  • Fibers & Micro- Ruptures 
  • Contractures, torticollis ...
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Bruising


Natural blend of active ingredients from plant concentrates, maximum and effective quality. Produces a pleasing  thermo- active " hot-cold "effect with its natural ingredients included in its composition. Highly recommended for athletes subject to strong physical effort or facing a high risk of muscle damage.


All types of athletes , both amateur and professional clubs and professionals exercising various sports such as running, triathlon, cycling, trail run, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding or athletics have tested our products before and after competing in demanding international competitions and undergoing training, found and corroborated the significant reduction of recuperation.


The ORIGINAL formula ORGONO ® by Dr. Loïc Le Ribault.
Its presence is essential for the synthesis of Collagen, Elastin, and Glycosaminoglycans. It confers Mobility, Strength, Elasticity, and Flexibility. It helps to keep the Joints, Bones, Muscles, Cartilages, Ligaments, and Tendons in perfect condition.



Many scientific studies have confirmed the properties of this medicinal plant. Its vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of flavonoids also able to increase the strength of the capillaries and blood vessels. It preserves the permeability and tone of the vein wall (venotonic effect), thereby preventing edema and facilitate the return of blood to the heart.

According to José María Alonso, medicinal plants vocal of the College of Pharmacists, Barcelona :

" There is evidence that horse chestnut extract can significantly reduce fatigue, swelling, pain, itching and tightness. "

It is also rich in allantoin, which strengthens the skin and muscles against external aggression, promotes healing and recovery of wounds, bruises and sprains.



Stimulates the production of thyroid hormones due to its high iodine content. The action of thyroid hormones in cells is related to oxygenation and nutrition: vasodilation and endocrine stimulation. Regulates uric acid levels in the blood, which is why it is useful for people suffering from gout (uric acid accumulation in joints) or hyper-uricemic (the increase of uric acid in the blood).

RUSCUS ACULEATUS: The plant for light legs

Studies have shown that it has a venotonic action through an alpha-adrenergic mechanism. Its steroidal saponins are vasoconstrictors, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous, making this plant a good option for the treatment of tired legs. Rutoside, for its part, has a vitamin P activity, which improves the strength of the capillaries. With all these properties, it improves venous-lymphatic function and relieves venous disorders of the lower members: heavy legs, Venous Insufficiency, edema, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids.


Apply immediately after training, and in all cases, it is recommended to use 45 minutes before any muscular effort and before moving into the catabolic phase. Apply in light circular movements over the entire muscle area needing treatment, until absorbed. Do not apply to wounds. The cream is absorbed quickly by the skin and does not stain clothing. 200 ml bottle.

Tips and combinations
In case of injury we recommend using ORGONO ® Gel compresses all night on the affected area. ORGONO Sports Recovery Supplement for a synergistic action.

 ORGONO ® Organic Silicon, Ruscus Extract, Fucus Vesiculosus, Indian Chestnut, Bilberry Extract , Natural Mint, Wheat Germ Oil, Cocoa Butter, Yellow Wax Honeycomb, Lemon Rind Extract, Vitamin E, Essential Oil of Peppermint.