Regeneration Protocol , Prevention and Reinforcement of the Osteo – Articular and Muscular System - TOPICAL USE

In collaboration with doctors and therapists, we have developed a standard treatment protocol for the use of ORGONO Gel. After years of experience using this  treatment and having analyzed the results on different types of acute and chronic injuries, we propose the following protocol :

  • Gel Application 


ORGONO Living Silica Gel



ORGONO ® Organic Silica Gel for external application. Studied explicitly for topical use on the area to be treated, it can increase the regeneration process, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Very efficient and with a broad spectrum of uses.- Localized  Osteo - Articular and  Muscular Regeneration -


Posology and Method of Administration


Spread a thin layer of gel on the skin and leave for five minutes. Then massage until completely absorbed. The operation can be repeated as many times as necessary.



Compresa Gel ORGONOIt is strongly recommended to apply ORGONO ® Gel to accelerate regeneration and localize the action while exerting an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It is vital for the Osteo – Articular and Muscular System.  Apply the gel on the areas to be treated overnight ( wrap in plastic film to prevent evaporation ) as this multiplies the effectiveness of the product and works directly on the desired area to be addressed.

Recommended for Faster Recovery :


 Acute Injuries                                                                               Chronic Injuries
Distention                                                                                       Tendonitis
 Contractures                                                                                 Epicondylitis
 Tears                                                                                               Synovitis
 Sprains                                                                                            Bursitis
 Dislocation                                                                                     Periostitis
 Fracture                                                                                         Condropathie
 Rupture                                                                                          Tendinosis

The results are visible in reducing pain and inflammation and accelerated tissue regeneration. Excellent results were recorded when combining the use of gel with oral intake of liquid silica. If improvement is not sufficient, complement with an oral treatment and replace the application of gel by massage gel with local compresses overnight.