ORGONO ® Silica: Oral Intake


We have developed in collaboration with doctors and therapists a standard protocol for the use of ORGONO Sports Recovery 1000 ml. for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. We have 20 years of experience using this product to treat thousands of people backing us. We have analyzed the results obtained by treating different types of musculoskeletal problems, both traumatism, and chronic problems.


We recommend the following protocol:

General duration of the therapy: 90 days.

  • Intensive Intake: 30 days
  • Maintenance Intake: 60 days



After analyzing the results of different doses taken during pharmacokinetic studies, a recommended intake of the product was established to achieve the desired results and promote Regeneration, Prevention, and Strengthening of the osteoarticular and Muscular System.

60 ml divided into two doses of 30 ml have proven effective to treat many pathologies.

ORGONO Sports Recovery 1000 ml.

ORGONO Sports Recovery was formulated for athletes and developed based on Organic Silicon ORGONO ® and L-Glycine that is principally used to increase the regenerative capacity of the osteoarticular and Muscular System. It speeds up the recovery process of injuries and prevents its appearance. This is achieved by increasing the synthesis of Collagen, Elastin, and Glycosaminoglycans. Also due to the properties of its ingredients, it acts on the Motor System giving it more Strength, Elasticity, Flexibility, and Mobility.

ORGONO ® Sports Recovery 

ORGONO ® Organic Silica



  • 16.5 mg of silicon per dose of 30 ml (dose cap).

  • 495 mg of silicon per liter.


  • 3,3 grams per dose of 30 ml (dose cap).

  • 100 grams per liter.




  • Maintenance Intake: Intended to cover two main objectives: to prevent and strengthen. The maintenance dose is 30 ml in two doses of 15 ml/day fifteen minutes before each meal.

  • Intensive Intake: Recommended for those suffering from chronic pathologies or traumas during a period of two to three months. The doses are indicated to help accelerate the regeneration or the self-healing ability of our organism. Severe Cases: 60 ml per day in three doses of 20 ml, 20 minutes before each meal. Very Serious Cases: 90 ml per day in three doses of 30 ml, 20 minutes before each meal. 

    1st month: Intensive Treatment 2nd and/or 3rd month: Maintenance Care  

       * It is recommended to repeat the protocol if back pain or maintain a preventive maintenance dose of 15 ml/day.

                   Acute Injuries                                                                                  Chronic Injuries

                    Distention                                                                                          Tendonitis

                    Contractures                                                                                    Epicondylitis

                    Tears                                                                                                   Synovitis

                    Sprains                                                                                               Bursitis

                    Dislocation                                                                                        Periostitis

                    Fracture                                                                                            CondropathY

                    Rupture                                                                                             Tendinosis




Here is the specific dose needed for each case:


Acute Injuries: 15-30 days after injury/ intensive treatment & 30 days maintenance treatment  

Chronic injuries: 30 days intensive treatment & 60 days maintenance treatment


15 days intensive treatment & 30 days  maintenance 


*If the intake of silica or essential amino acids ingested in the diet is lower than the recommended intake ( 30 mg/day).