Juan Nunez Rodriguez

Juan a Spanish Team Triathlete and Fire Fighter, suffered an ordeal after a serious bicycle accident. At that moment, Juan was crawling previous injuries besides in addition to those caused by the accident: total of: two Hernias, three Protrusions, a Vertebra Fracture, double Shoulder Fracture, a Chronic Patellar Tendinitis and other injuries.

Juan began to search for alternative solutions when the doctors from the Social Security and his Federation declared him unable to compete at the highest level and, he could not continue working as a Fireman. He began the treatment after a physiotherapist's recommendation.


“I had taken absolutely all kinds of pharmaceutical and natural remedies and therapies and the truth is that nothing helped me. But since I started taking ORGONO Sports Recovery, I began to improve rapidly and today I have no pain and I'm completely healed”. See the Clinical Case of Juan Nunez Rodriguez and Actions Taken below.

After a year without training, and after a few months of treatment with ORGONO orally and Gel applications topically, he began to gradually regain his former condition, and was fully recovered from the pre-accident injuries.




Juan was able to return to his training and compete at highest level, participating at the Ironman Lanzarote in 2012, finishing 18 th in only 10 hours and 28 minutes.

Over time, making an overall assessment of his recovery, he knows the factors that helped him, such as changing his diet by eliminating dairy from it and taking supplementary aids as the chia seeds. After testing all the recovery products available in the market, he is sure that the key to his recovery is the bio available silica from the ORGONO SPORTS RECOVERY product. 



 Juan Nuñez won the Guadalajara Triathlon in August 2014 of his age group with a time of 4:22:03 after intensive ORGONO treatment. On October 5, 2014 , Juan Nuñez Rodriguez , 43 years old Ironman finished the Barcelona International test with an excellent time of 9:09.


Last Sunday Juan Núñez Rodríguez exceeded himself in the race Challenge Dx2 Trisur events ( Olympic and Half ). He came 3rd with a record time of 4:04 !! He also participated in the Orihuela Duatlon on February 22nd, 2015 and despite falling off his bike and injuring himself, he continued and ended 12th.



 The clinical case of Juan Nunez Rodriguez


Juan Nuñez , has accumulated many injuries throughout his career, the most important being:

1. Lesion of the Medial Meniscus

Treatment: by taking glucosamine and chondroitin he felt a slight improvement. However during the mandatory month off , the pain reappeared. Juan was advised to undergo surgery for these injuries but he rejects this option. After a few months of taking ORGONO ® Silica the problem improved and the pain disappears. He continued treatment with ORGONO Sports Recovery. After a medical examination in early 2012 the meniscus had regained its normal appearance without fracture. The menisci are fibro-cartilagenous structures that are found on either side of the tibia. Silicon  regenerates cartilage and fibers. Without being able to ensure that in all cases a torn medial meniscus can be repaired without intervention, we can however state that many people affected by this problem have fully recovered by taking Loïc Ribault’s organic silica and can resume workouts.

2. Double Shoulder Fracture 

Due to a bicycle accident he  fractured his shoulder in two places. The shoulder was dislocated causing aches and pains. Thanks to ORGONO ® Silica, once again, the fracture healed itself.

3. Disc Herniations and Protrusions

These injuries are due to overtraining, i.e rope climbing with weights, or running up 50 flights of stairs with 25 to 50 kilos strapped to his back, this kind of training  produces wear in the vertebrae. The curved position of a triathlon bike also produces  great back pain. Lack of lubrication in the vertebrae gave him a feeling  similar to back lash causing the back to seize. Currently all these pains have disappeared.

4. Chronic Patellar Tendonitis

Juan Nuñez was declared incapacitated due to chronic patellar tendonitis caused by the abovementioned  intense training in the mountains of Madrid, with steep slopes and snow. Today , the pain has disappeared completely, leaving only a certain lack of flexibility in the knee when flexing back. Treatment with silicon has provided much elasticity and a feeling of nourished tendons. The remaining tendon calcification is improving every month.

Actions Taken :

Juan changed his diet at the same time he began his natural treatment. He eliminated all dairy products from his diet ( with the exception of the occasional portion of organic goat cheese ), also eliminating white bread , refined foods , and eating red meat only once a week. He ate vegetable proteins, beans and lentils. As for food supplement he took ORGONO ® Silica. With  all these changes he has experienced improvements in his physical health. The mandatory periodic reviews necessary for his job have shown a vast improvement in vision, and audiometry, his lung capacity has also increased from 85-95 to 128 in spirometry tests. His physical strength has greatly improved and the performance during training sessions has allowed him to participate in Ironman and triathlon competitions with excellent results.