Magazines Directors Test ORGONO Sports Recovery

Magazines Directors Test ORGONO Sports Recovery


Our experience with ORGONO was completely different in that traditionally there is an informational intercourse between a specialized publication and a brand. We were unaware of this product and seeing the advertisement in our own pages made ourselves most interested in this product. 


Almost without presenting ourselves, we received personalized information, although it was not necessary considering all of the product information available on their website. We will not deny we were skeptical due to trying so many products whose claimed benefits did not exceed that of a placebo. ORGONO is a supplement based on L-Glycine and Organic Silica G5 (ORGONO Formula, Dr. Le Ribault), formulated to achieve the best absorption and high bioavailability. Its composition controls body motor functions, acts as an antacid, increases growth hormone output, slows muscle degeneration, improves glycogen storage which releases glucose for energy needs ... and of more interest to us, is very useful for repairing and healing damaged tissues. Our testing policy is we ask only for the material of interest and only publicize the product that exceeds our test to publish them as recommended products.

The advertisement would not be published if the product did not function or results were unsatisfactory. ORGONO accepted these conditions and we received three of their intensive packs, which we consumed with dosing of three serving caps per day as indicated in the intensive treatment [protocol] to treat injuries.

The three people who tried [the product] suffered injuries relating to painful joints and aching muscles, either by trauma, inflammatory degeneration or joint stress, which had dragged for months without much improvement even with physiotherapy and anti-inflammatories. The first few days we hardly noticed any ORGONO influence. However, after the first week we all start to notice less discomfort and by the second week, discomfort had either disappeared as in the case of inflammation (Achilles Tendon), or in the case of a broken knee anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reduced swelling to allow walking.

Since commencing the protocol, the general condition of my knees have improved in every aspect. One bottle [cost 36.64 € ] USD 59,95 $, sufficient to test and confirm its effects in ten days; there are also packs which include topical creams to reinforce the treatment. The price is not cheap but it appears inexpensive to us if considering the cost of a physical therapy session and ORGONO functions over the long term.



Antonio del Pino, 2015. Triathlete Magazine's Director.